Aloha Waves

Aloha Waves

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Hello from the ocean with our signature "Aloha Waves" YOGI Express Mat.

Mat features adjustable carrying strap and specialized embroidery. Show your love for the ocean and yoga with our one of kind, "Aloha Waves" Express Mat.

YOGI Mat Express features: Zipper Enclosure, Black Mat, Carrying Strap*

*carrying strap is fully adjustable and is custom made to act as a stretching strap for deeper flexibility 

Mat Size rolls out to 68x24x5mm. Carrying strap is fully detachable and adjustable to 3.5ft.

YOGI Mats are ECO-FRIENDLY! Free of 6P phthalates, latex, lead, and heavy metals. Safe for you and the Earth's body, mind and spirit.