Let it Be

Let it Be

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One of our favorite one of kind Express Mats, this hand tie-dyed pattern comes with the soothing saying of, "Let it Be" in a silvery white embroidery.

The artsy carrying strap features a pattern of sunflowers. A perfect combination for your the summer in your soul practices!

YOGI Mat Express features: Zipper Enclosure, Purple Mat, Carrying Strap*


*carrying strap is fully adjustable and has been custom made to act as a stretching strap for deeper flexibility 

Mat Size: rolls out to 68x24x5mm. Carrying strap is fully detachable and adjustable to 3.5ft.

YOGI Mats are ECO-FRIENDLY! Free of 6P phthalates, latex, lead, and heavy metals. Safe for you and the Earth's body, mind and spirit.